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Application Testing Services
Application Testing is an extremely crucial phase of the software development life cycle and developers today face most demanding customers who expect very robust functioning of the applications. Nine Dimensions employs a full range of sophisticated software compatibility testing methods to make sure that we deliver only top quality solutions to our customers and conform to the most rigid standards of software quality assurance (SQA). We offer testing services for a variety of needs that arise during software development.

Functional Testing: From Unit, Integration and System Testing through to final UAT – our company can assist you at every stage of Functionality Testing. Our company has the expertise and experience to meet your needs and quality standards. We ensure adequate resource enhancements, so that you may maximize efficiency, meet targets and contain overall costs.

Compatibility Testing: Most organizations do not have adequate time or resources to subject an application or a web site to the most rigorous compatibility testing. It is, however, essential, as applications and web sites are expected to operate in myriad environments.

Migration Testing: This testing is performed to ensure the integrity of data when a data set is migrated from one database to another, or when a database is upgraded to a higher version.

Server-Level Testing: To ensure integration and flow of data in complex architectures with different layers of servers, server-level testing is performed.

Verification Testing: Testing is performed at the system level to ensure the smooth functioning of an application before build release in a production environment.

Automated Testing: Experience with a variety of testing tools, IXD helps customers automate their test cases and check the performance of the application by using testing tools of their preference.

User Acceptance Testing: User Acceptance Testing (UAT) refers to the test procedures which lead to formal 'acceptance' of new or changed Applications. UAT is a critical phase of any project and requires significant participation of 'End Users'. An Acceptance Test is developed detailing the means by which 'Acceptance' will be achieved.

Application Testing Services at Nine Dimensions include:
  • Product Evaluation and Testing Services
  • Product Testing and Hardening Services
  • Remote Product Testing and release Services

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