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Infrastructure Management Services
Nine Dimensions offers focused solutions in core infrastructure areas for building and managing the enterprise IT infrastructure comprising lifecycle services in remote server management, application support and database administration. Our domain expertise spans a diverse set of systems and technologies within an organization's enterprise IT infrastructure.
  • Remote Server Management
    • Disk Space Management
    • Network Administration
    • User Management
    • Security & Backup Management
  • Disk Space Management

    At Nine dimensions we provide 24 / 7 disk space management helping carry out smooth server disk related tasks in an organized manner which typically covers the following:
    • Orderly system start-up and shutdown of servers.
    • Monitoring CPU utilization, disk space usage etc. using server management tools in built in the server OS.
    • Troubleshooting server problems like system 'Blue Screen', hard disk crash.
    • Installation of OS upgrades and patches as and when released by the OS vendor.
    • Incident management, system administration, and change management technical support
  • Network Administration and User Management

    Nine Dimensions follows a structured approach by studying the existing network topology and understand the requirement of the customers in network administration area covering
    • Create and maintain passive and active network ports, configurations, TCP/IP scheme, network routes on servers.
    • Administration of LAN and network security.
    • Time synchronization between various servers.
    • Deploy traffic management.
    • Confidential in passwords, routes, etc configurations.
    • Internet access and optimization with VPNs (IPSec, IP, and SSL).
    • Multi-carrier service portfolio offering network management.
    • Creating Active Directory or local users as per your requirements.
    • Managing User Level and Group Level access to different resources across your network and IT infrastructure.
    • Define your group policies and hence segregate users accordingly (depending on your requirements).
    • User account management, such as, password policies, user access to system tools like control panel, registry etc.
    • Monitor system, application and security logs to detect unauthorized access and any potential application or database issues.
  • Security and Back up Management
    • Implement database security to only allow authorized access. Manage user accounts, their rights and privileges.
    • Configuring and maintenance of firewalls as per organizational networking requirements.
    • Remote security monitoring of your Network-based Intrusion.
    • Manage access, federate identities, and enforce policies across web resources, portals, and applications
    • Prevention of unauthorized outflow of highly sensitive data from your network and end points.
    • Security Assessment services
    • Network-based Intrusion Detection and Prevention services
    • Customizing and deploying backup management forms, procedures and reports.
    • Backup server installation and configurations, media planning, disaster recovery model.
    • Perform regular backup operation as per strategy, schedule defined, and optimizing backup operations in tuning strategies.
    • Backup audits - scheduled restoration drill for the backup validity and backup operation consistency.
    • Maintaining log sheets for the backups.
    • Reports - Analytical, graphical, MIS.
  • Remote Application Support Services

    Nine Dimensions provides complete application Support covering all levels of support – first, second and third levels of support. The support may also cover Application Integration/Migration/Transformation - Replacing, migrating and integrating legacy or bespoke systems. The specific services under Application management and User and licence management.

  • Application Management
    • Application Maintenance - Changing or enhancing software to meet changing or increasing business demands in the post-rollout phase of an application
    • Application Support – Providing first, second, third line support
    • Application Integration/Migration/Transformation - Replacing, migrating and integrating legacy or bespoke systems
    • continuous monitoring of application codes and connections
    • Regular amendment of forms and analysis
    • Service Level Agreements based support services
    • 24x7 Support & Maintenance of application systems
  • User and License Management
    • Assessment of existing licensing contract vehicles and future requirements
    • Design purchasing strategies that reduce costs
    • Proactive maintenance and renewals management
    • This service includes keeping a track of your third party software licenses and terminal server licenses as well.
    • We can act as a bridge between the licensing vendors and you as our customer, and maintain your license repository
    • Management of User and group level access
    • Monitoring of system, application and security logs
    • Implementation and management of Active Directory
  • Remote Database Administration Services

    Nine Dimensions offers Database Administration solutions and services that help organizations minimize complexity, and garner tangible business value from their database investments. Enterprises can focus on its core competencies while outsourcing end-to-end database administration. This includes managing and monitoring mission critical databases, and standardizing business rules and procedures across the organization and implementing industry best practices.

    At Nine Dimensions, we have established a Database Administration center of excellence, which has been successfully administering very large database environments of several customers over the last several years.

    Customers can avail expertise across Oracle / SQL Server including sound knowledge of underlying operating systems (Windows/ Unix/ Linux/ Solaris) and networks, data modeling, database warehousing, and database monitoring.

    Nine Dimensions also offers consultancy services for designing databases, data modeling, database growth, forecasting, and database migrations.

  • Database Management
    • 24/7 database troubleshooting, problem determination and resolution in response to critical errors and events.
    • Database alert logs and traces, storage related alerts, schema object alerts, database audit alerts, resource utilization & alerts from maintenance jobs.
    • Perform proactive database level capacity planning and performance tuning as required.
    • Enabling data conversion, including data analysis, data cleansing, and batch import/export functionality.
    • Administer database replication. Implement database level backup & recovery procedures to meet client's requirements.
    • Implementing database reporting packages.
    • Optional database clustering services.
    • Reporting on database performance and capacity.
    • Memory Management on SQL server 2000/2005.
    • Performance tuning purely from an administration perspective. This will work in strong conjunction with memory management and database architecture.

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