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Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

Nine Dimensions specializes in Enterprise Data Management (EDM). We help organizations utilize full power of their data by migrating, integrating and transforming data from sources across the enterprise into scalable, powerful but cost effective data warehouse platform. The platform provides ability to generate dashboards and analytical reports to gain better quantitative and qualitative insights about their business processes and systems resulting in improved and efficient utilization of enterprise resources.

Problems we solve

  • Valuable data accumulated in legacy systems but cannot be used effectively due to inadequate or no reporting and analysis capabilities.
  • Highly dispersed, fragmented and duplicated data across enterprise.
  • Performance issues related to database, analysis and reporting.
  • Data security issues.

Solutions we offer

  • Design and deployment of enterprise data warehouse platform.
  • Data transformation and migration from legacy systems to structure data storage.
  • Database restructuring, tuning and optimization.
  • Robust and focused analysis and reporting engine that supports variety of client platforms.

Client Benefits

  • Efficient Enterprise Data Warehousing for greater business agility.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard and analytical reports to gain better quantitative and qualitative insights about business processes and systems.
  • Ability to access critical business information anytime-anywhere.

Case Studies
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Enterprise Data Management (EDM)
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